About the site and articles

Warship Projects is dedicated to never-were warships of the first half of the 20th Century. Maintained and edited by Akos Gergely (csatahajos); Budapest, 2018

Cherry Trees series of articles are very detailed, in depth, wide context reviews of ship classes cancelled by the Washington Treaty

Genesis series of articles are focused on one single class of ship(s) in a shorter, much more focused description and in more technical way

Warship Projects Profiles are a new product, showing one design only with only a short description and main characteristics of the design – drawings are all made by Zoltán Takács (TZoli)

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  1. Anthony Mori says:

    Thank you for a very detailed breakdown of the design philosophies and other reasonings behind the ships. I have been a student of this for over 45 years. I appreciate all of the work.


    1. csatahajos says:

      Dear Anthony! Thank you for your kind compliments! I really appreciate the feedback.


  2. Melvin J. Burmaster says:

    Now that we have 3d generated ships (Mike Bartel for example) after years of laborious and limited resin casting) have you entertained commissioning any in 1/700 scale, given the appeal of that scale and the cost increasing severely if you get lower size scales (such as 1/350)?
    Looking forward to hearing from you,



    1. csatahajos says:

      Hi MJ,

      sorry for the late reply. Well I’ve moved down to 1/1800 scale more so, as it allows for bigger fleets for wargaming while still retaining a good level of detail. if you check the blog’s Facebook page there is a good deal on those.




      1. mjburmaster says:

        Still, keep in mind that the 1/700 scale has seen and is still seeing new ships, and certainly the 3D L series by Bartel hints at sales.


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