Introduction to Warship International

Dear readers!

Recently I’ve got a lot of help in my research from the staff behind INRO / Warship International. Please allow me to introduce this fine quarterly print and please pay a visit to their homesite, or even better, subscribe to it; if you like the content here you will definitely love it there!

Warship International is a quarterly printed magazine published by the International Naval Research Organization (INRO), a private not-for-profit group. The journal is devoted to the history of warships of all nations, focusing on technical design and characteristics but also including coverage of policy and operations topics as well. The journal seeks to provide authoritative information based upon reliable sources, with full identification of those sources. Emphasis is put on introducing new information not previously published, rather than reproducing generally available information. Coverage is fully international in scope and emphasizes the period of time since the introduction of steam power. Each issue includes several feature articles, a section providing news of current ship status changes, a book review section (which also treats online sources and periodicals), and a question-and-answer forum. The journal was begun in 1964 in the UK as a monthly but currently is published in the USA as a quarterly. The journal is produced through voluntary contributions by the staff and authors, with no royalties or salaries, in order to keep the cost to the members at an absolute minimum. The journal is presented entirely in the English language. Back issues are available online to current INRO members at the JSTOR website. Further information, including comprehensive indexes of past issues and information on membership, can be found at the organization’s website


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