Warship Projects Profile No.GB002 – Lion class – Part V.: 1944 series

At the later stages of the war, the Admiralty returned to the idea of maintaining a post war fleet containing 12 modern battleships with significant numbers, but the Royal Navy only had the 4 modern KGV’s, the Vanguard (then under construction), the 3 modernized Queen Elizabeths out of which the Warspite was badly damaged plus…

Warship Projects Profile No.GB002 – Lion class – Part IV.: After the fact

Design 16H-40 (unofficial designation) Early war modifications while rather limited, still led to the first major alteration on the Lion class battleship design.In August 1940 DNC pointed out that war additions had increased the total displacement of the ships by an estimated 800 tons rising it to 47.000 tons resulting in a 6 inch increase…

Unusual post: Task Force Admirals announcement

Since I’ve been working on this project as well, I’m happy to share the announcement of TF:A Vol. I, American carrier battles! Check it out below: In later installments there is a good chance for some Warship Projects to appear :)!

Warship Projects Profile No.GB002 – Lion class – Part II.: Escalator clause

By February 1938 it appeared increasingly likely that the Second London Treaty’s tonnage related escalator clause will be activated soon due to Japan’s unwillingness to answer questions on its new battleship’s displacement. If the previous 35kton designs were more in line with the US North Carolina and South Dakota classes than the following ones were…

Warship Projects Profile No. JP001I/J

These two designs, outwardly similar were the last with 16″ guns and represented the ultimate 4 quad layout for a total of 16 guns. This required a longer hull and so displacement rose to 54.000 tons, despite using the very weight-efficient quad turrets. Below are models of H and I/J: ‘J’ attempted to reduce displacement…

Warship Projects Profile No. JP001H

  Design H applied all quad turrets except in position A, where the hull is the narrowest – this allowed for a slight reduction in length and 2.000 tons less displacement  

Montana class genesis

Feature article about the development of the US Navy’s most powerful battleship class