Unusual post: Task Force Admirals announcement

Since I’ve been working on this project as well, I’m happy to share the announcement of TF:A Vol. I, American carrier battles! Check it out below: In later installments there is a good chance for some Warship Projects to appear :)!

Warship Projects Profile No. JP001I/J

These two designs, outwardly similar were the last with 16″ guns and represented the ultimate 4 quad layout for a total of 16 guns. This required a longer hull and so displacement rose to 54.000 tons, despite using the very weight-efficient quad turrets. Below are models of H and I/J: ‘J’ attempted to reduce displacement…

Warship Projects Profile No. JP001H

  Design H applied all quad turrets except in position A, where the hull is the narrowest – this allowed for a slight reduction in length and 2.000 tons less displacement  

Montana class genesis

Feature article about the development of the US Navy’s most powerful battleship class