Warship Projects Profile No. JP301

WPPP No. JP301


“Based on the information available in books and on the internet as well as existing drawings I’ve made my version by my imagination of the IJN’s B-65 type battlecruiser. The changes as follows compared to the drawings widespread on the net:
– Reduced Yamato like bridge and aft superstructure instead of the Nelson like tower like bridges
– More light AA guns as by the time these ships finished (1945, 46) they would carry large amounts of light AA
– Superfiring 2nd and 3rd pair of 10cm twin turrets, while an all same deck layout reduces topweight the superfiring position allows better ahead and astern fire for the middle turrets
– 2 Catapults and 1 Crane instead of 1 Catapult and 2 Cranes, as among the modern cruisers only the Oyodo and Agano class light cruisers featured single catapults, and in case of Oyodo that was a very long one though the preliminaries showed two smaller ones so for such a large ship 2 catapults is a must and also more Japanese looking. Both of these catapults are on the main deck.
– No Torpedo launchers. While many texts says they would carry torpedo tubes no drawings show them installed and the later iteration of the design (the 3×2 36cm armed one) does not mentions it either and as I consider them as capital ships a single quad launcher per side is a waste in my opinion on this design. (Eric Lacroix’s Japan Cruisers of the Pacific War too does not mention torpedo tubes)” – TZoli

WPPP No. JP301-y





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