Warship Projects Profile No.AH002

WPPP No. AH002


Designed a good 6 month after the previous series, this variant was up-gunned to 38cm cannons, presumably to counter the Italian CARACCIOLO class ships – but this is just speculation.


WPPP No. AH002-y


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  1. mjburmaster says:


    Thirty knots on 34000 tonnes at 100k shp does seem quite optimistic!


  2. csatahajos says:

    Hi MJ! Yeah I agree, however this is what the official data shows. Probably they were optimistic due to the fairly long hull’s low wave making resistance and also shallow-ish draft. HM TIger could do 29 knots with 108k SHP and she was only approx 50′ or 15m shorter IIRC. WIth some forcing of the boilers here it might just touch it.


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